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polina yartseva

Polina Yartseva - a moscovite artist with polish roots. Polina is one of the main characters of bohemian Moscow, born in 1990s, and presents the generation of skateboarding and "Solyanka"

Polina began as illustrator but then started her experiments with the media and herself. Trying hypnoses, extremity & extravagance, conscious dreams and trans Polina were making progress as well with her art changing the palette, media, subjects and size of the artworks. Polina thinks that the media is not a first choice problem instead of inspiration - sometimes the artist uses shoes boxes, wooden boards etc, everything she can find around. The main subject of her art is people, especially boys, young men, old men.

All of Polina`s characters are like her diary - they seem to be her personal solace, some of them make her feel inspired and some others let her realize the madness. The artist lines the parallels between herself and her images, analyzing herself through another person, who can be hyperreal, ironic, a joke or an offense: each of her images are like a reveal of herself, something that she really is.

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