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misha most

Graffiti artist and writer from Moscow, Russia, began to paint in 1997, at the dawn of the Russian street art movement. He is participant of the first Moscow graffiti crew, as well as later projects - NoFutureForever, Parazit, Zachem. He has also organized major festivals, curated exhibitions and projects dedicated to different forms of street art.Most's works have been presented at various exhibitions of modern art in Russia, Ukraine. Azerbajan, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and other countries. In 2008 he was nominated for Kandinsky Prize. Partiscipated in the Biennale of contemporarary art 2011, and the youth Biennele 2012. Misha`s third personal exhibition was held in London's Lazarides gallery, in 2014.

Misha is a supporter of illegal graffiti.







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