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marek jarotta

Marek Jarotta is a Slovakian artist.

Jarotta's work is devoted to a realm of "non-places" related to transportation, commerce and leisure activities, which accelerate circulation of passengers and goods throughout the world. 


Jarotta depicts airport halls, train and bus stations, subway corridors and waiting rooms - interiors created for the masses.


Individuality and identity disappear within these "non-spaces" as people who enter them become only what it is they experience as a passenger, customer or conductor. 


Jarotta focuses his attention on "no-place" and captures the anonymity of the individuals within the space without external or figurative input. 


Reduction of color expresses the monotonous and sterile environment.


The universal resemblance of these "non-places" transcend various mediums including photographs, drawings, prints, paintings and overlapping and hybridization of multiple mediums. 


Rough mechanical grinding is done after applying multiple layers that bond together, then new layers are applied and ground again.  This continuous process of building and destroying brands the work. 


For a solid, durable body, mass architecture becomes ephemeral, fleeting element interface abstraction and reality. 


The technique uses grinding which emphasizes dependence on "non-places" of the human produced world. Without it, the "non-places" are slowly erased and transcendent. 


Jarotta portrays "non-places" catering to tourists and migrating culture.  Jarotta's work depicts a utopian moment when the spaces are vacant. During times of vacancy, these "non-spaces" become memorials of human stories that occurred within them. They remain stories with anonymous identities.




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