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lysmark lial

Brazilian artist Lysmark Lial presents a huge infinity of transitions and styles in his work. With a figurative movements joined to several artistic genres such as surrealism, modernism, cubism and postmodernism, Lial takes from this mix a grotesque esthetics where at the same time he uses a sophisticated gamma of complex structures influenced by street art. He is facinated for art since his childhood, he also made experiments in visual arts since Lial`s work into graphic design. The artist also works with illustration, installations, photograph and sculpture.


Lysmark has a multiple base with strong appeal of dark and strong notes, as well as provocative, subliminal and disconcerting touches. The artist shows in his work one of infinity of figures and elements that causes its own imagination. Most of the subjects are the references of his memory. He had  his solo and group exhibitions in several cities in Brazil.

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