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Jav Demsky is a graffiti artist that began his career in the 90’s. Since he started he has not stopped altering, transforming, forming and deforming, destructing and constructing the alphabet. The lines of his pieces emerge and take form in a complex game of superposition’s and color combinations. 
Born in a small town full of palm trees, flooding his oasis and surroundings with unique typographies, sometimes illegible, many times in codes, but always extremely elaborate and wildly precise.  Demsky stands out directly for his pictorial universe, clearly influenced by New York graffiti and scifi movies, with preference over those “Z” movies of the 80’s. His style sound like Jupiter8, the mythic synthesizer of the fleur epoque. Forms challenge themselves in harmony, always composed in several levels finely suited in urban aesthetics converted in his artistic signature. 
Working with no rest, he follows to torture the letters that form his name, always searching a new way to devour space. 

jav demsky

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