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Vasily Grino - a belarusian street -artist. Born in Minsk, 1986. Started his workshop with a traditional graffiti in 2000s what brought him to the experiments with the forms and media later. Grino is a muralist, also works on canvas and with objects.  The artist is always looking for a new media and technic to use. "The visual arts for me is not only a way of self- expression but the whole lifestyle" - Grino says.




  • Art on Foam X Quicksilver, Vinzavod, Moscow, 2008

  • Artparade, Saint - Petersburg, Russia, 2009

  • Look Inside, Squat cafe, Moscow, 2009

  • Skate Restructuration, Moscow

  • Faces & Laces, Moscow

  • Best city on Earth, Moscow

  • StreetArch, Музей Schusev Museum, Moscow, 2014

  • Red Bull Cooler Canvas, Mel Space, Moscow, 2015

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