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Frans Smit is a South African born and raised artist who is fast becoming one of the rising stars within the South African art community. With more than thirty exhibitions under his name and Absa L’atelier award nominee in 2008 and 2010, Smit’s artwork has been showcased local and internationally.
After studying photography at the Free State University of Technology, Smit moved to London for four years. It was only through a chance meeting with the late German-born British painter, Lucian Freud, that Smit became interested in painting and was encouraged to complete short courses in painting at various institutions, including; the Chelsea College of Art and Design, the City Lit College and the prestigious St Martin’s College of Art and Design. 
Smit’s focus is mainly on portraiture and still lives, which blends in a degree of abstract. His pieces are all oil-based artworks, which exhibit a natural and organic balance between the palette  and textures.
In 2013, he won the Queensplate “Moments” Photographic Competition and received a Merit Award at the Vuleka Art Award.In 2016 Smit spent 3 month in New York doing an artist residency. He currently works at the Eastside Studios in Woodstock, Cape Town as a full  time artist.

frans smit

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