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Elle is a graffiti and street artist based in Brooklyn, noteworthy for her use of diverse mediums and tools on the street. The rebel of the art world, Elle has illegally scaled and painted billboards along the Brooklyn Queens Expressway freeway, installed pieces inside and outside of the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin, exhibited at Saatchi Gallery in London and had a 200 ft. video projection on the facade of the New Museum in New York.
Elle was one of twelve artists globally commissioned by IKEA to produce a poster that was released for sale in every IKEA worldwide at the beginning of 2015 as part of a street art series. She also had a collaborative exhibition in 2014 with renowned photographer Martha Cooper. Most recently she received sponsorship by the art material company Liquitex and is one of their brand ambassadors. ELLE was included in “SURFACE,” the book most recently published by photographer Soren Starbird alongside the world’s top graffiti and street artists. ELLE exhibited at SAATCHI Gallery in London in February in the all female show ‘XX’ curated by Yasha Young and Olly Walker.

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