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djamel oulkadi

If he was born in the wake of graffiti, Djamel Oulkadi unlike any of its rep- resentatives. His work is related as much to the Arab-Muslim abstraction that tries to avoid the image and human representation that certain works of Art, where the eye is solicited in moving areas it tries to stare. His works on canvas as his frescoes are made of paths, trails, grooves, vessels, of al- leys that take us on a dizzying journey through mazes and labyrinths that seem to discover himself as and measurement his race.
For there is rhythm in this work, setbacks, stops, accidents and silences. Music that is not transcribed in notes but color and a series of flat sur- faces and tortuous paths. A painting which read in snatches, one detail after another, but also - and this is where it earns more our membership - as a whole when the interlacing, the embeddings, surfaces accumulate as a neat patchwork and broke free and forced to form only huge canvas stopped here for the better resume further.
Blood, strong and colorful works that contradict paintings, black and white or in multiple shades of gray, particularly air, cold and icy. A way for the artist to talk about death and life especially when an image, a figure often enters as breaking into the body of the fabric.
The fascinating to this approach is the "everything is possible" of this sin- gular artist who made him a true seeker.



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