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chad muska

Chad Muska an American artist comes from a long tradition of professional skateboard artists (Mark Gonzales, Ed Templeton and Natas Kaupas, among others) who have devoted their lives, both on and off the board, to a journey of creativity and discovery.
Muska’s new style appears at first to be a huge departure from the graffiti and wheat paste art he’s been known for in skateboarding. These new minimal pieces are heavy and stark, constructed from steel, concrete, and other industrial materials. They contain elements that are redolent of Mark Rothko, Richard Serra, and Anselm Keifer. They are serious, yet they retain a playfulness that speaks directly to the mind of a skateboarder — there’s a movement and a work-in-progress element throughout the work that echoes the spirit of skateboarding which has always been a lifestyle devoted to the journey not the destination.
“Skateboarders, look at metal and concrete already as objects of artistic expression,” Chad said. “It’s like a canvas. And now the mediums that I am using are metal and concrete. It’s so funny, but that’s why I think I’m attracted to these materials: because I’ve spent my entire life looking at the concrete sidewalk that I’m riding down.” 

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