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camille adra

Camille Adra - french artist, lives and works in Montpellier, France. The drawing has always been present for Camille. It was at the age of holding a pencil that the first figures appeared, as a need. The local artists as Albert Dubout or overseas as Keith Haring have feed this artistic production. No learning in art schools, but intuitively. Later the architecture school was also a way of inspiration. For two years, the designs have decided to leave the sheets loose papers and books over to be on canvas and on the street. Art form: Lines and characters are formed from an unconscious imagination. Some forms will be familiar for you. Sometimes you will distinguish faces and they will immediately disappear. The work evolves around a game between full and accurate figurative abstraction. No prior draft. The line is laid directly on the canvas. The only rule is spontaneity.

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