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aliona ojog

Aliona Ojog is a visual artist, born in Chisinau, Moldova in 1984. Lives and works in the South of France. Aliona works in a variety of media and techniques to create her pieces including acrylic paints, ink and spray. Her studies at the Academy of the Arts in Moldova culminated with a Degree in the speciality of Engraving & etching. She then moved to France where she obtained a Master in Art at the Clermont-Ferrand school of contemporary Fine Art, followed by a year studying theatre and set design at the Monaco school of art. Since then Aliona has worked in the fields of book illustration, set design and collaborated with fashion designers to create window displays and sets. In the art of Aliona Ojog there is a real emphasis on detail. The spectator is plunged into world of both reality and surrealism in which the artist has the principle aim of conveying emotions, moods and feelings in her images of perfectly still figures.







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