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alex sastoque

Alex Sastoque from Bogota Colombia is a visionary, surreal artist, painter, sculptor, photographer, and film director.
His artistic work first materialized in painting, video art  and installation views obtained in entheogenic rituals including Ayahuasca and Peyote. Additionally, his work seeks to portray and transmit knowledge, teachings, and spiritual experiences that he has received through his contact with leaders Mamos, Taitas and shamans from different indigenous communities in Colombia.
The foundation of these teachings is peace, harmony and brotherhood. Sastoque believes strongly in the defense of human rights as a step towards a peaceful existence globally. He participated in the 2012 exhibition titled “No more impunity” held in the Congress of the Republic of Colombia to show unconditional support for human rights, equality and a life free of violence.
Alex Sastoque graduated with a Masters in Visual Art from  the Pontificia University Javeriana in Colombia. He has exhibited his artwork and performed in places such as; the National Museum of Colombia, Bogotá‘s Museum of Modern Art, Antioquia Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá, Phantasten Museum (Vienna, Austria) among others. He has also exhibited alongside leading international artists such Fernando Botero, Ernst Fuch and Robert Venosa.

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