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henri hadida

Canadian street photographer Henri Hadida started out in the 1970s mentored by documentarian and Henri Cartier Bresson disciple, Robert Del Tredici. Henri’s inspiration came from the public transit, parks and streets of his favourite cities, Montreal, Paris, and New York. His first major exhibit, "il fait aussi beau en arriere" was the culmination of Del Tredici’s teachings.


20 years later, digital photography gave Henri a fresh new start and medium to release his creative energy. He surrounded himself with new generation image-makers and visual thinkers. A growing social consciousness and the spirit of young rule breakers fuelled HAUTE TENSION, his next breakout exhibit. With the DNA::ADN series, Henri’s exploration into image manipulation expanded. Selective reflections and defiant modifications of his traditional photographs exploded into a refreshing perspective on how visual language functions.


The mind’s subconscious interpretion of a painting, a sculpture, or a photograph is at the heart of his inspiration. He is happiest creating pictures that will expand the viewer's perception of reality.

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